Our approach

We = Team

We build great teams to build great outcome.

In our experience, many companies struggle to build high-performing teams quickly and effectively. However, we work on the basis of selecting the best individuals for a specific project. We build teams of highly skilled people who share our philosophy and values and we actively manage and support our people through the life of a project. Our aim is to build great teams that work brilliantly together in order to provide great service.

We help our clients get stuff done. We advise, we lead, we do - often all in one!

We advise

We advise on all aspects of agile from beginning to end by providing consulting.

  • Our work with a client usually begins with an assessment of some kind, where we speak with people and look at how things are set up and how they’re going for this transformation.
  • We typically do this through auditing, observation, looking books interacting with teams.
  • Based on our many years of expertise and the insight we gain from this assessment, we share our views on where we think there is room for improvement and what would be some good next steps to take the teams to the next level.
  • The focus isn’t on implementing any one methodology, but rather on understanding what a client is trying to achieve, the problems they face and how we would go about setting up for success.

We lead

We take our client's vision and get it done. Our people are experts in agile and provide leadership in delivery - especially at manager, coach and director level.

  • All our leadership people have a tremendous depth of experience across either service, technology, delivery or all three. All are experts in agile ways of working. They’ve been around the block a few times (in the nicest possible way!)
  • Sometimes our leadership is focused on organisational change and transformation; other times it is focused on delivery.
  • Our aim is always to leave our clients with a better service and better ways of working. As well as a sense of a job really well done.

We do

Our clients come to us for hand picked, top quality people - all with a wealth of experience to their names. We help provide stand- alone project teams (we call them Pop-up teams) as well as key individuals who will work with and lead existing client teams and help our clients get stuff done.

  • Our popup teams are typically made up of a mix of services, delivery and tech people, forming a cross-functional team and working together with the client’s own people.
  • Whatever the project, our teams are well aware of the importance of working hand-in-hand with our client’s people to ensure good quality and delivery and also to make sure there’s a smooth transition when it’s time for us to leave.
  • We are collaborative in nature and place a very big emphasis on integrating well with the client, so there are no trails of destruction left in our wake. Instead we always aim to leave our clients in a better place than when we started.
  • Our most successful teams are those where we work closely together with key client people, in order to build knowledge of the organisation and services, as well as to carry on the good work when the project is delivered and we’re gone.